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Visiting Virginia and have a Love for History? Check out the Yorktown Victory Center!



Living near the coastal area of Virginia I have the advantage of being around some amazing areas which will include Busch Gardens, The beaches, and loads of history related locations. One area if your not from this local area you need to visit is the Yorktown Victory Center. Held in the heart of Yorktown right near the Yorktown beach is the Yorktown Victory Center. This area is a local and tourist hot spot loaded by a large oceanic locations and gorgeous historical hot spots.

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This historic area is noted to be the final battle area in the American Revolution that took place between the American Colonist and the British in 1781. The Yorktown Victory Center shows you the ways in which the people of the time fought in battles and daily life. For many history buffs, this is a great place to explore if you are a fan of this era. Plus the area surrounding the Yorktown Victory Center has other historical sights that any person yearning to learn more about the American Revolution.


What a great place to bring children of all ages which will find out more through hands-on learning with expansive galleries with real life artifacts, small building replicas and real life people dressed in the clothing of the time will make you feel like you were living in Virginia in 1781.



For those of you looking for more information, please check out why History is Fun and how you can make visiting this area fun!

So what part of the American Revolution are you excited about learning about? Tell me in the comments below!

Note: If you are a York County Resident admission is Free! Check the website above!


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